PTFE Linings.

PTFE known as Polytetrafluoroethylene is not only used in plumbing Industry but also in various Industries. It is non-flammable, resists chemical action and radiation, and has a high electrical resistance and an extremely low coefficient of friction. Wrapping PTFE may slow down the leakage on the pipe , but will not stop the water leak .We offer various kinds of PTFE linings such as PTFE Lined Elbow, Pipe Lining, PTFE Lining Coating Pipe Joints, Reducers Lining, PTFE Lining Coating, PTFE Lining and Coating, Joint Lining, Vessels PTFE Lining, PTFE Lining Coating Valves, Valve Lining at cheap rates with top quality. We are one of the leading, various types of PTFE Linings manufacturer and supplier from Mumbai, India.